Without proper drainage systems, leaks in the crawlspace can go unnoticed for weeks, months, or years before homeowners realize they have a big problem on their hands. Wet crawl spaces create many issues for homeowners, including musty odors, wood rot, mold and mildew, and other problems that can risk your health, damage the home, and require expensive repairs. Why allow drastic issues like those described when crawl space protection is available?

Southern Crawl Space offers customized sump pump and drainage systems designed specifically for crawl spaces and basements. Protect your home -your most valuable investment- with our service. As an industry-leading provider,  SCS knows the right solutions to keep your crawl space and basement dry and protected.

Sump Pump Installation

Install a sump pump in your crawl space to prevent flooding and keep the area dry and free of moisture. Even a small amount of water or dampness can cause big issues for homeowners. What happens if a toilet leak or other type of leak occurs? Your crawl space is at risk! We offer the solution. Call us to learn how a sump pump can better protect your crawlspace or to learn the cost of this service.

Drainage Systems

Drainage Systems

Overflowing, dirty gutters and downspouts, defective windows, and improper grading of your property are three top reasons drainage issues cause concern for homeowners. Call us for the solution and put your mind at ease knowing we can correct current drainage issues and prevent future problems with our trusted crawl space drainage solutions.

Free Crawl Space Inspection in Madison, AL

If you would like to schedule a FREE crawl space inspection or want to request an estimate, reach out to our team today. We’d love to answer your questions and help you learn how little it costs to protect your crawl space, and otherwise put your crawl space drainage issues to rest by providing your home with the best protection available.